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Count on f4r-translation for Translation, Localization, Interpretation, Review, Layout Verification/Correction and all other tasks related to the most. Their projects thus find in our commitments and objectives the following characteristics:







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At f4r-translation e are constantly optimizing the various work flows in order to remain on top of the most demanding projects and to exceed the goals that are continuously being set.


F4r-translation team translates all kinds of documents with technical content, such as instruction manuals, especially in areas such as automotive, engineering, industrial engineering, construction industry, informatics, telecommunications, information technology, hydropower, electrical engineering , automation technology and other technical areas, as well as marketing texts.

We guarantee a consistent and high quality translation according to the following standards:

- After receiving the documents from the client, an analysis is performed;

- The analysis is carried out with the utmost care, taking into account the type and theme of the text, to guarantee an appropriate budget that meets the client’s expectations.

- The project manager forwards the documents for translation to the translator that best fits the needs of that text. The manager will follow the entire process until the final delivery to the client.

- The translation is carried out with the support of the most suitable translation software, which provides maximum consistency, thus offering an excellent quality result. In case the client provides reference material, it is taken into consideration and used with the utmost rigor.

- After the translation, a rigorous review of the text is carried out, by a second translator. One of the criteria of this review is to ensure terminology coherence and to check linguistic structure, punctuation and spelling mistakes. The reviewer will have a quality tool at his disposal, called xbench, which will help perform all these tasks with the utmost precision.

- The manager, who follows the process from the beginning, will deliver the documents to the client and be 100% available to clarify any issues that may arise later.

At f4r-translation we provide recordings and transcriptions of texts, as well as other related services.

Should you require a special service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

At f4r-translation we not only carry out spelling and punctuation reviews of the destination text, but also review comparing it to the original text.

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